You can now Cook with the Curry King

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Quite a lot has changed so far in 2021 but one thing hasn't - the fantastic authentic Punjabi takeaway, home-made by the Curry King himself, Mr Sunny Bhalla.

Sunny just loves to cook and accompanied by the 3 B's some Bollywood tunes, Bhangra tunes and Bacardi whilst he cooks, he creates some wonderful dishes (with maybe a little help from his mum!!). This is pure punjabi food just how we eat at home.

Now he is using his knowledge of Tikka and using technology to do live cookery demos which you all can join in or just watch. Its going to be fun and we will make tasty home cooked Punjabi food. We will cook a different dish every time and who knows we might even have special guests appearing (I better ask them first!!). 


We're excited to be back with superb Indian Home cooked food delivered to your door every Friday and Saturday from Easter weekend 2021 onwards!

We provide a set menu meal for two people delivered to your door! If you need to order more just let us know. Take a look at our menu page which will let you know what we will be delivering. The menu changes regularly and what you see on the set menu is what we will deliver. Simple as that!

Get your weekend off to the best start with an authentic Indian takeaway delivered to your door - see our Menu page for what's cooking and our Pre-order page for how to order.

See you soon!

** Coronavirus update - please read **

Your safety is our priority and we have been working hard to put the relevant plans into place.


Here's what you need to know:

  • We will be social distan-singh as well as wearing PPE.

  • We will be requesting a contact name and number for the Track-and-Trace system. These details will be retained securely for 21 days and then destroyed this applies to home deliveries only

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